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forth. The Impact of Elections in Africa [co-authored with Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis, under contract at Cambridge University Press due 2018]

forth. Authoritarian Africa, Oxford: Oxford University Press (textbook, under contract, scheduled early 2017)

2018 How to Rig An Election, New Haven: Yale University Press 2018 [co-authored with Brian Klaas]

2018 Coalitional Presidentialism in Comparative Perspective, Oxford: Oxford University Press [co-authored with Tim Power and Paul Chaisty]

2015 Democracy in Africa: Successes, failures, and the struggle for political reform, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

2014 Politics Meets Policies: The Emergence of Programmatic Parties, Stockholm: International IDEA [policy book summarizing the findings of a research programme, with Herbet Kitschelt, Dan Paget, Yi-Ting Wang, Juan Pablo Luna, Fernando Rosenblatt and Sergio Toro]

Edited books

forth. The Handbook of Kenyan Politics, Oxford University Press [co-edited with Karuti Kanyinga and Gabrielle Lynch, under contract, scheduled late 2017.

forth. The African Affairs Reader: Key texts in politics, development, and international relations, Oxford University Press [co-edited collection with Carl Death and Lindsay Whitfield, under contract, scheduled early 2017]

2018 Institutions and Democracy in Africa: How the rules of the game shape political developments, Cambridge University Press

2016 African Politics: Major Works, Oxford: Routledge

2013 The Handbook of African Politics, Oxford: Routledge [co-edited with David Anderson and Andrea Scheibler]

2010 Our Turn to Eat: Politics in Kenya Since 1950, LIT Verlag, Berlin [co-edited with Daniel Branch and Leigh Gardner]


review. ‘The Nine Challenges of Democracy Promotion and How to Overcome Them’, under review at the Journal of Democracy [with Susan Dodsworth]

review. ‘Taxing Lagos: Public goods and the evolution of the social contract in Africa’, under review at Democratization [with Brian Klaas]

review. ‘War and Democracy: The legacy of conflict in East Africa’, under review at the Journal of Modern African Studies [with Filip Reyntjens and Michaela Collord]

2017 ‘The birth of election observation: Lessons from Uganda’, Comparative Studies in Society and History [accepted, forthcoming 2017, with Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis]

2016 ‘Patrons, Parties, Political Linkage, and the Birth of Competitive-Authoritarianism in Africa’, African Studies Review, 59, 3, 181-200.

2016 ‘Accommodation works better for reducing conflict’, Ethnopolitics, 15: 5, 538-545.

2015 ‘No Bourgeoisie, No Democracy”? The Political Attitudes of the Kenyan Middle Class’, Journal of International Development, 27, 5, 647-664.

2015 ‘Decentralization in Kenya: The governance of governors’, Journal of Modern African Studies, 54, 1, 1-35 [with Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis].

2015 ‘Ethnopopulism in Africa: Opposition Mobilization in Diverse and Unequal Societies’, Democratization, 22, 1, 22-50 [with Miles Larmer].

2014 ‘Democracy and its discontents: Understanding Kenya’s 2013 elections’, Journal of Eastern African Studies 8, 1, 2-24 [with Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis].

2013 ‘Rethinking the “Presidentialism Debate”: Conceptualizing Coalitional Politics in Cross-Regional Perspective’, Democratization 21, 1, 72-94 [with Paul Chaisty and Tim Power].

2011 ‘The Internal Dynamics of Power-sharing in Africa’, Democratization, 18, 2, 336-365.

2010 ‘African Elections as Vehicles for Change’, Journal of Democracy, 21, 4, 139-153.

2010 ‘Power-sharing in comparative perspective: the dynamics of “unity government” in Kenya and Zimbabwe’, Journal of Modern African Studies 48, 203-229 [with Miles Tendi].

2008 ‘Parties, Platforms, and Political Mobilization: The Zambian Presidential Election of 2008’, African Affairs, 109, 434 (2010) 51-76 [with Marja Hinfelaar].

2008 ‘Democratization, Sequencing, and State Failure in Africa: Lessons from Kenya’, African Affairs, 108, 430, 1-26 [with Daniel Branch], reprinted in the Sage collected of essential works on Democratization, edited by Jean Grugel.

2008 ‘The 2007 Kenyan Election: An Introduction’, Journal of Eastern African Studies, 2, 2, 166-184.

2007 ‘Political Linkage in the Kenya Post-Colony: Assessing the Structure of Kenya’s Colonial Legacy’, Africa Today 53, 1, 2-24.

2006 ‘The Politics of Control in Kenya: Understanding the Bureaucratic-Executive State’, Review of African Political Economy, 33, 107, 11-31 [with Daniel Branch].

Selected book chapters & working papers

forth. ‘Democracy, Elections and Representations, in The African Affairs Reader, edited by N. Cheeseman, L Whitfield and C. Death, Oxford: Oxford University Press [scheduled 2017].

2016 Four new introductory essays to: ‘African Studies & Africa and the World’/‘The African State’/‘Identity Politics, Conflict and Accommodation’, ‘Authoritarianism and the Struggle for Democracy’, in African Politics: Major Works edited by N. Cheeseman, Oxford: Routledge.

2016 ‘Ethnicity and Development’ in The Politics of Development edited by Nicolas van de Walle and Carol Lancaster, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2014 ‘Is there a populist threat in Zambia’, in Zambia: Building Prosperity from Resource Wealth edited by C. Adam and P. Collier, Oxford: Oxford University Press [with Robert Ford and Neo Simutani].

2013 ‘An Introduction to African Politics’ in The Handbook of African Politics, Oxford: Routledge[co-authored with David Anderson].

2013 ‘Nationalism, one-party states, and military rule’ in The Handbook of African Politics, Oxford: Routledge.

2010 ‘The Failure of Nation-Building and the Kenya crisis’, in Branch, D., Cheeseman, N., and L. Gardner, ed., Our Turn to Eat: Politics in Kenya Since 1950, Lit Verlag: Berlin [with Daniel Branch].

2009 ‘Kenya Since 2002: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same’ in R. Mustapha and L. Whitfield edited Turning Points in African Democracy, James Currey: London (2009).

2007 ‘Ethnicity as A Political Cleavage’, Afrobarometer Working Papers 83 [with Robert Ford].