I spend much of my time explaining the implications of my work to policy makers, including the Cabinet Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Department for International Development of the UK government, the Instituto Rio Branco of the Brazilian government, the Lagos State Government, the Pan African Parliament, and the World Bank. I am also a member of the advisory board of the UNICEF Chair on Communication Research (Africa) and an advisor to, and writer for, Kofi Annan’s African Progress Panel.

Recent consultancy and advisory roles include:

Advisory Board Member, UNESCO Chair on Communication Research and Africa (2012-) Advisor to and writer for Kofi Annan’s African Progress Panel (2011).

Consultant Advisor, Zambia Accountability Programme (ZAP), advisor to a 5 year £26 million British Council project funded by DFID that aims to promote accountability (2012-).

Principal Investigator, “The Political Economy of Democracy Promotion” project, an £80,000 collaboration with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) supported by DFID and the FCO, including a fully funded post-doctoral researcher.

Co-Director, OX/OX research workshops & collaboration, an annual workshop that brings together researchers from Oxford University and OXFAM to reflect on key global issues and shape policy discussions, in collaboration with the Executive Director of OXFAM (2011-).

Lead Consultant, FCO/DFID Kenya, Ethnicity and the Political Settlement in Kenya, analysis and report including the completion of a political settlements diagram (2014)
Invited expert speaker, National Intelligence Council and State Department of the United States government wise heads meeting, ‘Kenyan elections 2013: The prospects for peace’, Washington DC, USA (2013).

Lead Consultant, Foreign Office Africa Department Study Day at Oxford University, organized and delivered one day study/blue skies workshops for the Africa Directorate of the FCO, attended by 20-30 staff including the Africa Director (2002).

Lead Consultant, FCO/DFID, Early Warning and Long-term Monitoring of the Kenyan 2013 general elections for the Africa Conflict Prevention Programme of the UK Government, provided regular reports on the state of politics in Kenya leading up to the 2013 polls, regularly briefing the UK High Commissioner and the head of DFID Kenya (2012-3).

Lead Consultant, DFID, with primary responsibility for the development of a Business Case for a £5 million programme on democracy and accountability in Zambia (2012).

Lead Consultant, World Bank, producing a Political Economy Analysis of the new government in Zambia to guide their country assistance strategy (2012).